Anyone else getting this Facebook error that something is wrong?

This just started showing up to our friends around the UK… Anyone else seeing it? It’s affecting like buttons, fan boxes, social plugins, and facebook connect. Someone did a massive boo-boo! Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Strange… Update: It seemed to sort itself out after […]

The Photo that broke Facebook

It took a photo of Glen Johnson’s late goal (which cost William Hill £570,000) has ‘broken’ Facebook for thousands of users around the world. What has happened is that the format of the picture didn’t allow the social network’s safe_image.php to resize it. Hopefully such bugs will be weeded out shortly as this new level […]

Facebook Bug Reported: Incorrect Event Dates on News Feed

We continue our mission to help companies, event organisers and individuals use social media more effectively. Whilst doing so we also help report bugs to Facebook for things that make your lives harder or more ‘confusing’. We just notified the big blue social media that Event Dates and Times were showing wrong when they were […]

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