How to: reduce churn with WooCommerce Memberships and Intercom

Some superb membership sites and online communities leverage WooCommerce Membership to handle their payments and membership management. We’ve recently released the beta of the Memberships Addon for the ektagon WooCommerce to Intercom (eWI) syncing plugin. The goal of this Addon is to put even more power into the hands of your marketing, customer support and […]

How to: Send custom attributes from WordPress/WooCommerce into Intercom

Our premium plugin syncs a tonne of valuable information from WooCommerce to Intercom. But each store isn’t created equal and we knew that some store owners would want to sync unique data into Intercom. This document runs over a few ways you can sync across custom attributes into Intercom, but before we dive into the […]

Automated Intercom messages for specific product customers on WooCommerce

We recently got asked if a certain use-case could be solved using our WooCommerce + Intercom plugin. We thought it could, but wanted to test it first. It could, but not as easily as we hoped, so we built in extra functionality to make it easier. So as from v0.1.1 here’s how you can create […]

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