Automated Intercom messages for specific product customers on WooCommerce

We recently got asked if a certain use-case could be solved using our WooCommerce + Intercom plugin. We thought it could, but wanted to test it first. It could, but not as easily as we hoped, so we built in extra functionality to make it easier.

So as from v0.1.1 here’s how you can create automated messages through Intercom, only targeting customers of specific products or categories.


1. Download the eWI Plugin

If you’ve already purchased a licence, log into your ektagon Account page and grab v0.1.1 or the latest version. If you haven’t purchased the plugin yet, pop over and grab a licence today.

2. Enable Product Title and/or Category tagging.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 09.26.35

You can choose to enable one or both of the tagging functions from the eWI settings tab (found under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration on your WordPress Dashboard).

Category tagging will tag a customer with the all products/subscriptions categories in the order.
Product Title tagging will tag a customer with the actual product/subscription titles for the order.

3. Do Intercom search & create message.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 09.27.52

Pop over to intercom and create a search for your new tags. From there you can create a manual or automated message targeting the customers who purchased a specific product, service or subscription.

Worth noting that you either have to wait for the first new order to go through, or create a tag on your own account that will match the new ones before you will be able to find them in the search results.

In order to send any messages in Intercom, you’ll also need either the Engage Lite or Learn Lite modules activated on Intercom too.

We hope the plugin continues to help you build an amazing community around your store!

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