How to: reduce churn with WooCommerce Memberships and Intercom

Some superb membership sites and online communities leverage WooCommerce Membership to handle their payments and membership management.

We’ve recently released the beta of the Memberships Addon for the ektagon WooCommerce to Intercom (eWI) syncing plugin. The goal of this Addon is to put even more power into the hands of your marketing, customer support and website administrators as seamlessly as possible.

In today’s guide we’re going to run over how you can use Intercom to send out intelligent, and personalised, messages based on Membership status changes.

For our example we’ll be creating an automatic message to check in with any User whose Membership was just paused, trying to avoid customer churn or gather valuable customer insights.

Step 1: Install & Setup

Purchase, install and correctly setup both eWI Core and Memberships Addon.

You will want to Bulk Sync your customers first, and when that’s completed, Bulk Sync across Membership statuses. This will give you a good set of tags to start playing with. Note that events are not bulk synced, so you’d need to simulate them or wait for customers to trigger them before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: Filter Users and Create A Segment

Head over to Intercom’s platform, and add filters like these: (obviously using your own Membership titles as oppose to ‘Test Membership 1’)

What this is doing is telling Intercom to show you all your Users who currently have a ‘paused’ status on the Membership called ‘Test Membership 1’; AND that have had their Membership status changed to ‘paused’ within the last 24 hours.

To make your life easier, you can save this search as a ‘segment’ in Intercom, by clicking on the button ‘Save segment’ button next to the filters. We’ve saved ours as ‘Just paused Test 1’.

Step 3: Create An Automatic Message

Once the filter (and/or segment) is ready, click on the ‘Message’ button below the filters and choose between an Automatic or Manual message.

An automatic message will be sent once to each user, either now (if they’re already in the segment) or the first time they enter the segment. A manual message will be sent to all Users who are part of the segment or filter results at the time of creating the message.

For our example, we’ll go with an automatic message.

Using Intercom’s message builder, we choose to send an email message (including an unsubscribe link ofcourse) that will ask them for any suggestions on improving the Membership for our X other customers.

For the record, this is the copy we used in the example:

Hey {Firstname}​​!

Just letting you know that your ‘How to Bake’ Membership has been paused.

I’d love to get some feedback from you as to how we can improve this membership for you and our 100s of other members. If you could take a moment to let us know what you’d improve, that’d be sooo lovely.

If you didn’t intend to pause this membership, you can reactivate it via your account or reply to this email and we’ll get you sorted out.


Hector, Head Baker
Fake Cupcake Guide Co.

Step 4: Track Results and Tweak Messaging

Via Intercom’s Messaging tool, you can keep an eye on how successful a message is by tracking what percentage of Users opened, clicked, reached your set goal, replied or unsubscribed (failed).

Use this data to test different messages, offer coupons or future discounts or tease upcoming content.

Ready to ramp up your WooCommerce Membership messaging? Grab both eWI Core + Memberships Addon for just €65 (excl. applicable taxes) today.

Here’s to improving your churn rate and the success of your online membership site!

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