6 reasons to use WordPress for your startup MVP

So you’ve got an idea for a new online company, but you haven’t got the foggiest about how to put something together that you can show to folks and gauge their interest. What you’re after is known commonly as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the startup world. You want to be able to give […]

Did Google kill a donkey!?

We love the internet, and the curious little browsers who find amazing ‘stuff’. One great example of such ‘stuff’ is the following: If you click here and drive past the Donkey, and then look back, it appears as if the Google Maps car drive-by’d the poor lil’ fella. Google did however respond to the charge, saying […]

The Inspiration 80-year story behind LEGO

After watching the video detailing the 3-generations behind the LEGO company, we were left amazed at what an inspiring story it was. For that reason, we are sharing it below. Its a tad long, but a great watch. Kudos to the whole LEGO team!

You wouldn’t buy fake condoms. The same goes for Likes/Followers.

Brands all over the world are still ‘buying‘ likes and followers to appear to have the following online that matches the expectation created by their perceived offline popularity. (A bit of a mouthful we know, but bear with us) Whilst we can understand the WANT to appear to have 10’s of thousands more likes or […]

Why targeted ads are good for you.

There are many campaigns around the internet trying to stop companies like Facebook and Google from using the information you share with them to target ads at you, but we disagree with them. Not only as marketeers, but mostly as consumers, we find that the more targeted an advert is, the more successful it is. […]

Amsterdam Red Light District – girls gone wild [Viral Video]

Working in online media everyday we see a storm of viral content, from videos to pics to memes to trending news. Every now and again, one piece of content will reach out and touch a nerve. Some make you smile, some make you sad, some even make you mad. Here’s one that hit us today. And […]

Pillow Fighting in Trafalgar Square London? Yes!

Being in the UK on a consultancy spree, we heard about something fun and exciting and free happening in the nation’s capital. So obviously we headed down to Trafalgar Square in London to take part in the 2012 International Pillow Fight Day. And what a load of fun it was! At just after 3PM, groups of […]

How to end online piracy the right way (without SOPA, ACTA and PIPA)

We know it sounds weird, but we find that most the people that search for ‘illegal’ episodes of their favourite series online do so simply because they cannot bear to wait for local stations to broadcast them via the legal channels. In a globally connected world, it’s shocking that it takes over a year for […]

Why Google’s new privacy policy is good for YOU

We have taken a back seat and watched as the internet complains about how Google Inc will be ‘spying’ on us and be able to give access to all our information for selling ads. Now we need to speak up, and argue that this sharing of information is a great thing, for you, the consumer. […]

Why ‘Kony 2012’, ‘APOEL’ and the ‘new iPad’ are trending this week

At ektagon, we are almost always online, always watching, not you, but trends in general. This week we see 3 big topics being discussed more than any other and so we are breaking down why each one is going viral and what it’s all about. First off  we’ll start with the most obvious one, the […]

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