Why targeted ads are good for you.

There are many campaigns around the internet trying to stop companies like Facebook and Google from using the information you share with them to target ads at you, but we disagree with them. Not only as marketeers, but mostly as consumers, we find that the more targeted an advert is, the more successful it is.

Granted, some people hate adverts altogether, but without them we wouldn’t know about many new products, services, offers, jobs or anything else. For this reason we will proceed with the assumption that an advert would be useful to a person if the ‘item’ advertised would benefit him or her in some way.

Now lets take a quick look at the old mediums such as billboarding, TV spots, radio ads and printed material. All of these are placed as close to where their target market are expected to be. This seemed logical and worked ok-ish for many many years, but now things are changing, for example: not all graphic designers read the same magazines, watch the same TV shows or hang out in the same places. Whilst it can be argued that many graphic designers would share these common spaces, what about the ones who aren’t? Most of us don’t see ourselves as part of the flock and enjoy doing our own thing, especially online.

Is there a reason why we shouldn’t see an advert for a brand new graphics-related service with ludicrously low prices, for example, just because we don’t go with the flow? No. Which is why we tell sites like Facebook what we Like, allowing such companies to reach us in a very unobtrusive way. All this without having to fill in a single form, directly divulge any contact details or even scour through printed magazines.

The more information you give, the better the advertisements will match your preferences. This information is never given out to advertisers, but instead makes the advertisements more personalised. Trust us we use the platforms for many of our clients, and if there was a way to get private information, we would be the first to blow the whistle! We take privacy so seriously here at ektagon.

Do you agree? Think we’ve got it all wrong? Drop a comment below and let chat about it.


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