Why ‘Kony 2012’, ‘APOEL’ and the ‘new iPad’ are trending this week

At ektagon, we are almost always online, always watching, not you, but trends in general.

This week we see 3 big topics being discussed more than any other and so we are breaking down why each one is going viral and what it’s all about.

First off  we’ll start with the most obvious one, the ‘new iPad’.  People all over the internet are flabbergasted at Apple’s decision to name the 3rd iPad as… you guessed it… the ‘new iPad’. We assume this follows their desire to build it into their long-term product offerings. Much like the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, MacBook Pro etc which are upgraded every now and again without adding a number to the end of them, allowing for more effective and efficient marketing in the long term.

Next, we move to the fact that APOEL defeated Lyon in the Champions League. This is by far the biggest upset in the football scene this year, as the Cypriot team beat veterans Lyon in a penalty shoot-out to pass into the final 8 teams of the most prestigious European cup.

The last is the much debated ‘Kony 2012‘ campaign by Invisible Children. Although many opinions are flying around the internet as to the validity of the whole concept and the campaign itself, the powerful ideology of ‘Kony 2012’ is spreading rapidly around the internet and even reaching some major visibility offline. The main idea is that the Invisible Children organisation is calling for public outcry for the arrest of Joseph Kony, a warlord and leader of the LRA, for the snatching and forceful training of children soldiers along with other crimes against humanity.

There you go, this week’s trending topics. See any we’ve missed? Got something to add? Drop a comment below…

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