5 Reasons Why we can’t wait for Ubuntu for Android

We’ve been continuously refreshing Ubuntu’s website hoping for a glimpse of when we’ll be able to get our hands on their Android offering. And this is why… They’re basically stating the obvious. We continuously find ourselves working via our phones. Duplicating apps, settings, files and shifting conversations across our devices as we move around. Now […]

Facebook declares mobile messaging war with free dedicated chat application

Many Android and iPhone users have had the opportunity to install the Facebook Messenger application that provides a dedicated stand-alone chat/messaging interface for communication with their ‘friends’ via their mobile phones. This application is now available for Blackberry users too, when BIS is working that is *cough*. This moves Facebook into competition with, well… everybody. […]

Wake up Samsung, Apple and HTC! RIM is down!

We noticed earlier today that Blackberry’s Internet Services had been down in Manchester, United Kingdom. A few moments ago, Blackberry announced (via their fan-page on Facebook) that there was a problem with their services in Europe, Africa and other regions. The question popped straight into our minds… as people became visually upset about the outage […]

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