How to lower your chance of being hacked or having your account stolen.

We’ve all heard or seen horror stories about peoples (and even companies) accounts being stolen or hacked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and everywhere else. What you probably haven’t heard is that most services (even Twitter from today) have a system called Two Factor Authentification. What is it anyways? As LifeHacker puts it, Two Factor Authentification […]

New Anorexia Made her a Freak Facebook Scam Tricks Hundreds

Those sneaky little scammers are at it again, with hundreds of young ladies falling for the trick. They first bait them in with a shared comment along the lines of: Once clicked you are met with what appears to be a faded out ‘Youtube’ Page. In order to continue you must ‘prove you are a […]

Disable Java NOW or your PC (or Mac) could be hijacked or worse!

The internet has been spreading the news of a vulnerability in Java’s latest version (v1.7) that allows an email/website/advert/facebook-spam to download AND install full programs on your computer without your knowledge. It is for this reason we too are spreading the message that YOU (and your friends) should DISABLE JAVA NOW to be safe. It […]

How to spot an online scam quickly

Many many many many many many (yes, that many, if not more) people around the world have fallen for scams on social networks. These scams promise discounts, prizes and gifts from many popular brands but instead steal personal information and use your friend’s sense of security to spread to your friends and family. So, how […]

Do you use the same password on LinkedIn as other sites? READ THIS!

With reports spreading about the distribution of over 6 MILLION decrypted passwords from LinkedIn’s user system, we must urge you that if you have made the error of using the same email  and password combination for other sites that you CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY! This goes for your email, facebook, twitter, or any other social […]

Get FREE AntiVirus for 6 months with Facebook Security

A few days ago, Facebook announced that they have reached a partnership with some major online security companies. In order to enforce how seriously it takes user’s online security and privacy, they have informed us that they will be combining efforts to combat the rise in eWorms and Scams that are designed to spread via […]

WARNING: Amazon Giftcard Giveaway is a SCAM!

We’ve just spotted another rogue Facebook Scam promising a Free Amazing Giftcard. Advice: Always check the domain of the promotional offer as this is a free host and thus is not a true Amazon campaign. Please warn your friends that this has been reported as a rogue malware scam that posts to your account trying […]

3 ways to track a stolen or lost MacBook and other devices

A while ago I blogged about how to track your Blackberry should it ever get lost or stolen, now a friend asked me if I knew any way to track a MacBook Pro since she had her previous device stolen without having installed tracking software. So during my investigations earlier on today, I came across […]

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