Disable Java NOW or your PC (or Mac) could be hijacked or worse!

The internet has been spreading the news of a vulnerability in Java’s latest version (v1.7) that allows an email/website/advert/facebook-spam to download AND install full programs on your computer without your knowledge.

It is for this reason we too are spreading the message that YOU (and your friends) should DISABLE JAVA NOW to be safe.

It is expected to still be a few weeks before a patch is released and this is just a list of the types of attacks sneaky hackers could pull on you if you are vulnerable:

  • Keyloggers- stealing passwords and monitoring what you type in chats, emails, whilst shopping etc.
  • Trojans – allowing the hackers to take control of your computer, steal files and photos or delete valuable information.
  • Viruses – that spread and harm your networks and reputation
  • Malware – allowing the hackers to spam the living days out of you with popups, fake ads and other annoyances.
  • Scareware – fake anti-viruses that ask you to pay to fix your system whilst slowing your machine down.

So, here’s the instructions on how to disable Java via Reddit :

In Firefox: Press Firefox button -> Add-ons, go to Plugins and click the “Disable” button next to anything named “Java”.

In Chrome: Type in: “chrome://plugins/” into the address bar (no speech marks). Scroll down to Java and click disable.

In Opera: Type in “opera:plugins” into the address bar (no speech marks). Scroll down to:

  • Java(TM) Platform <click on> Disable.
  • Java Deployment Toolkit <click on> Disable.

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Disable UAC (if enabled) and restart.
  2. Open the Java app in Control Panel.
  3. Go to advanced tab.
  4. Expand Default Java for browsers.
  5. The checkbox next to IE is grayed out. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer and press spacebar. Click OK.
  6. You can re-enable UAC and restart now

Please do so now as to avoid any unnecessary  annoyances and problems in the future. Follow or like us for more information on when it’s safe to update and re-enable Java following a patch release.

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