A question for brand managers and marketing directors…

If you work in marketing or are in charge of a brand’s image we have a question for you…

Whilst social-networks do provide the ability to perform ‘DIY-marketing’, should your brand really be experimenting?

We have always worked hard on providing quality competition platforms and online marketing solutions to our clients. These not only work superbly but meet the marketing guidelines for the networks provided.

Over the past few weeks we have seen some very creative campaigns that were unfortunately not carried out in the most professional manner. This spells bad news for the brands.

Be it because some campaigns violated the terms and conditions of a specific network, or that users were left with a foul taste in their mouth due to perceived unfairness, the internet allows users and customers to openly air their opinions.

The old philosophy of ‘one happy customer tells 2 friends, but one unhappy one tells many more’ is now exponentially increased in the favour of unhappy customers.

For this reason we ask you, should you be ‘trying things out’ or speaking to a company who has done the trying for you?

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