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Over the next few days we will be testing and implementing upgrades across our platforms to allow for more integration into the new Facebook Timelines. During this process we will also be posting updates to cool features, bugs or for-your-info’s about this new profile structure on the social network.

Today we looked at the User Information section and are impressed by the minimalist and neat outlay of a users information.

The information it displays by default is :

  • Work and Education
    • An editable and adjustable record of a user’s CV information. Fill this in, you never know who will come across your profile.
  • About You
    • Editable box for a quick introduction of yourself, think of this as an intro to future employers.
  • Favourite Quotations
    • Editable box for your favourite quotations.
  • Living
    • Links to maps of where you live now and where you were born. (ie the city, not your actual location)
  • Basic Info
    • Gender; Interested-in and Language information.
  • Relationships and Family
    • A pretty simple yet neat collection of your family and relationship information.
  • Contact Info
    • The basic information you share, visible depending on the privacy settings you impose on a certain person.
  • and History by the Year
    • A chronological summary of changes to your information. Very slick!
As you can tell, the new User Information section will become very beneficial to people looking to apply for jobs via Facebook. Now to just explain all those drunken photos in your timeline 🙂
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