cydel widget pushes Cypriot online event promotion into a new era

Yesterday we opened up the Cyprus Dynamic Events List widget to the public, and some great sites have joined in to provide their users with a live feed of the island’s biggest upcoming events directly from’s constantly maintained database.

How this helps OnThisIsland’s new partners

Since launching in 2005, we have spent hundreds of thousands of hours finding the most efficient way to collect and promote information from around the island. Thus we have committed vast resources into developing an effective process, and have decided to open up our platform to other sites that deal with Cypriot news and opinions.

Using this widget, any of these sites can now list all the upcoming events, without having to fork out the time and money to manage a dedicated events section. In this economic climate, we are providing a helping hand to other web-based companies. Grab a custom widget for your website now.

What this means for events published with

In the simplest form, it means that events submitted and promoted via are displayed on more and more sites, thus getting more attention and exposure for the venues, the djs and the organisers.

During the past few years, we have continuously extended the reach of the submitted events. First we developed the Cyprus Events application, then integrated deep into social-media, and recently launched a mobile event list.

This way, websites all dealing with Cyprus’ news are all working together to promote the island’s best events and causes.

So why not submit your favourite events to the database and get them the exposure they deserve?


This is the first step in our plan for for 2012. Like or follow to get the latest information on what will change in the coming weeks.

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