69% of Cyprus is on Facebook, highest in the world!

As if we needed to remind companies in Cyprus as to why they should be concentrating more and more effort into social media, but a study by the guys at Pingdom has proved that the country with most Facebook users as a percentage of total population is our lovely island of Cyprus.

With 553,900 users from Cyprus on the network, it brings us to the 92nd biggest population represented by the 800+ million users… but we do have the highest percentage of our population on Facebook.

The study also shows that there is 25% of the population that is on the internet but doesn’t have Facebook yet, allowing for future growth in the area.

According to their blog post:

(they) took SocialBaker’s data on how many Facebook users there are in countries around the world, data on Internet users from the World Bank, and population data from Wikipedia. [Source]

(Please note that the results of this study are from Pingdom
and differ from the penetration % shown on Social Bakers)

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