No House. No Car. Two Small Bags. Still Successful?

We all have goals to meet in order to consider myself successful. Today we were sent a link to a video about a guy with no house, no car, with two small bags of belongings and being made to move around a lot.

Our automatic response is to think that this poor fellow was down on his luck, needed a hand or even given some notice.

This is due to the fact that we believe that certain aspects of life are crucial to being ‘a successful person’. Basic needs are replaced by exaggerated commercially available assets, and the more you spend the more successful you appear.

But if we told you that this guy’s name was Tiesto, then everything changes.

He needs no house as he’s always on tour. He needs no car as he’s always in Limousines. He needs no more clothes as he can buy himself more whilst giving away his old ones. See the video we’re talking about here.

At the end of the day, don’t let society measure how and when you are ‘successful’. Follow your dreams, work hard and keep the passion!

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