Why targeted ads are good for you.

There are many campaigns around the internet trying to stop companies like Facebook and Google from using the information you share with them to target ads at you, but we disagree with them. Not only as marketeers, but mostly as consumers, we find that the more targeted an advert is, the more successful it is. […]

How to end online piracy the right way (without SOPA, ACTA and PIPA)

We know it sounds weird, but we find that most the people that search for ‘illegal’ episodes of their favourite series online do so simply because they cannot bear to wait for local stations to broadcast them via the legal channels. In a globally connected world, it’s shocking that it takes over a year for […]

No House. No Car. Two Small Bags. Still Successful?

We all have goals to meet in order to consider myself successful. Today we were sent a link to a video about a guy with no house, no car, with two small bags of belongings and being made to move around a lot. Our automatic response is to think that this poor fellow was down […]

The World Has Changed… why is your CV still boring?

The world has changed. This is a clear-cut statement that nobody can argue with. In an age where business, networking and personal relationships are built (and destroyed) via a bunch of dots on screens¬†that we use to communicate on a minute-by-minute basis, isn’t it time that the Traditional CV layout be abandoned? Sure, there are […]

Reminder to Blackberry Users: Install this now!

A while ago I blogged about a free application that could help you locate a stolen/misplaced Blackerry device over on my personal blog. Since then however, several of my friends and colleagues have still managed to lose their devices. For this reason, I am posting a reminder to other Blackberry device users to head over […]

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