Facebook announced a new product today

Facebook announced their brand new product called Graph Search (you need to apply to the waiting-list for the private beta) that will allow you to… get this…

Search Facebook.

No kidding! But don’t get us wrong, it looks amaaaazing. Typing in simple English gets you amazing results, on a platform you can’t currently find “that awesome video you shared that one day on whats-his-name’s timeline“.

So what examples did the Zuck give? By typing ‘Photos I like’ you get a list of all the photos you like. We’re supposing that Facebook will let us add more structure to get smaller result sets. For example, ‘Photos I like from Ektagon’ should return the best pics you’ve Liked on our Fanpage.

We like the idea of searching for ‘friends who like what I like’, and can’t wait to see the full list of search options, but hey… we’re geeks and we love it.

We’ve applied for the waiting list and will review it more when we get access.

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