We’re not abandoning Cyprus… we’re working to enable it.

We’ve been promoting events, news and opinions in Cyprus since OnThisIsland.com first went live on the 5th of April 2005. We, like many other Cyprus-based businesses, had very different plans for what we wanted to be doing in April of 2013, ours even included an 8th-birthday celebration for that little corner of the web.

But, alas, the economy had other plans…. And being firm believers in moving fast and reacting positively, we adapted.

We quickly pulled in some favours, asked for a bit of help and a heap of faith, and made it possible to launch an experiment that could create at least one platform of stability in a collapsing market. RentADeskCyprus.com spread rapidly through the media, desks were found (and requested) outside of Limassol and Hector could finally start openly talking about his long-term vision for the project. Now rebranded as Desk&Co, and having attracted a spectacular creative director, the project is on path to achieving it’s next milestone. But more on that when it’s announced on the project’s blog.

We, with our friends over at Divine Advertising, wanted to create a platform that could become a community to help a section of the Cypriot market that was severely battered by the banking collapse in March. This project flew through 5 different ‘pivots’ before arriving at it’s current structure.  Our mission is to help individuals involved with all types of business in Cyprus by enabling them to share their news, inspiring stories and motivational links. OurCyprus.org is designed to help businesses work locally, but think globally. 24 local champions have already signed up, and we look forward to following the growth of several local startups on their journey to becoming global companies.

OnThisIsland was always predominantly an event-based website, and so we sought out and signed an agreement with, what we honestly believe, is the team behind the world’s best nightlife management suite. Our deal with GateMe Pro allows the OTI team to maintain its focus on the promotion of events, whilst GateMe provide a spectacular tool for the running, ticketing and tracking of any nightlife event.

And so, we found ourselves rapidly launching platforms to help 3 different, although occasionally overlapping, groups of individuals on our island.

But we’ve still got one more change to make, and this one’s for the story tellers. So if you’re someone with a love for sharing your thoughts, and are looking for an effective way to do so, let’s chat.

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