Syncing 1000s of customers from Woocommerce into Intercom

This week we’ll be releasing the refactored version of our plugin to sync Woocommerce to Intercom, and with it a major upgrade to our Bulk Syncing engine.

Back when we added Bulk Syncing, it was designed to run through all of a site’s customers and systematically group them into batches of 99, and then ping them via the Intercom API for bulk processing. It worked great for small sites with 10s of customers.

Then our customers with 100s of customers reached out and mentioned how slow Bulk Syncing was loading or timing-out for them. So we rebuilt the Bulk Syncing engine to pass the bulk of the syncing to be handled in the background. This sped up the flow for our bigger customers, and it worked great too!

And then, we started hearing from customers with 1,000s of customers, who desperately wanted to sync data and KPIs into Intercom, and so we extended the Bulk Syncing engine once more.

This latest update shifts both the grouping of customers, and the syncing itself into the background processes, avoiding time-outs and spreading the sync over a series of timed syncs.

We’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll update this module and are just finishing some testing of it with a bunch of live-sites with 10,000+ customers before releasing the update publicly.

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