New Addon for Syncing WooCommerce Memberships to Intercom

Run a premium online community powered by SkyVerge’s powerful WooCommerce Memberships plugin?Then we have some great news!

With our new Addon, you’ll be able to see and use your customers’ Membership changes, tags and meta data in Intercom.

Under the patronage of an extremely generous eWI Core customer, we’ve been working hard on an addon to sync all events and tags you’ll need to not only provide superb customer support, but also send out ultra-personalised automatic and manual messages via Intercom.

As is tradition for our plugins and addons, we’ll be giving a 50% discount to all store owners and developers who participate in the beta programme.

Grab the eWI Memberships Addon here.

We can’t wait to get this into your hands, and give your Membership stores even more support super-powers.

Featured image for this blog post borrowed lovingly from the official WooCommerce Memberships video.

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