How to Hide Spoilers on Facebook and Twitter

We’ve seen so many reactions from people watching Game of Thrones, and even more posts from people being upset about all the posts about it. The same happens for many sport events, other series and any major activities like eurovision. Introducing Silencer A chrome extension, that lets you filter out spoilers, boring people you can’t […]

Facebook Timelines getting cleaner ‘single column’ re-design

We have been following the stories that Facebook was pushing out a new update to the much debated Timeline product, which replaced Profiles for both people and brands a while ago. We expected a more rapid global rollout so we could play with it before publishing, but it appears the majority of users who get […]

Easy Privacy Settings rolled out on Facebook. Have you changed yours?

You may have noticed that Facebook has started rolling out easier privacy settings. Split into three main blocks, namely “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”, it appears Facebook has heard the three main concerns of it’s users and reacted in a neat and […]

Great! You’ve got a facebook worm – get rid of it in 4 steps!

What is a Facebook Worm? It’s basically an app/extension that abuses the trust your friends hold for your shared content, to persuade them to install the same app, and thus spread to their friends and so on, and so on. They spread by creating photos, events, videos, sharing links, status updates, sending messages or other […]

Brace Yourselves: ‘Get Notifications’ posts are coming!

We’ve seen a rapid rise in posts from social media consultants and ‘gurus’ about the current test by Facebook to allow fans to opt-in to getting notifications whenever a post is shared from a specific brand timeline. Hidden under the ‘like’ button on brand timelines users can not choose to ‘get notifications’. What this means […]

Remember when I told you not to make multiple personal accounts on Facebook?

A few years ago, I got into several pretty heated debates with people who were creating multiple personal accounts on the social network to surpass the 5,000 friend limit…. I was told quite bluntly to leave them alone and that ‘I would understand when I could get to 5,000 friends’. Recently, I’ve noticed quite a […]

How, and Why, to quickly add Open Graph meta tags to your WordPress Blog

Meta tags are little snippets that give robots, search engines and social networks information on your articles. Let us go over how to add them to your wordpress blog and then why and then even give you a bonus once you’ve gotten it all done. First, the how: We found a quick little plugin for […]

Facebook adds ‘Voice’ Menu for page admins

Just noticed a cheeky update to our fanpage/timeline on Facebook, that allows admins to choose how they respond/interact as they work. Previously, admins needed to choose an overall setting as to how they would be displayed in comments and likes on their brands’ timelines. Now, admins can choose how to be portrayed on a case-by-case […]

Busy testing out Facebook’s new official WordPress tie-in

It’s been a while coming, and today Facebook finally announced their own official plugin for WordPress. We’ve just begun testing it now, and will be doing even more vigurous testing with our partners at Divine Advertising over the next few weeks. (We are still busy testing another social integration method that opens up a site […]

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