Easy Privacy Settings rolled out on Facebook. Have you changed yours?

You may have noticed that Facebook has started rolling out easier privacy settings.

Split into three main blocks, namely “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”, it appears Facebook has heard the three main concerns of it’s users and reacted in a neat and orderly way.

Under the first section you can setup the default setting for all future posts. Whether you want them to be public and visible to everyone everywhere, or to only your friends, their friends or only yourself. It also links you to your activity log, that displays all your posts and tagged posts. It also provides a link to the useful ‘view as’ functionality that lets you see your profile as if you were a stranger, friend, boss, or lover.

Under the second section you can set who can message you, or even add you, via Facebook. Be careful here as you may unintentionally block future colleagues, students and friends that you haven’t even met yet.

The third section allows you to block a friend or email contact from ever communicating with you again. You will not see tagged posts, status updates, receive messages or friend requests from this person again.

Enjoy and think carefully about what settings you apply. After all, it is a ‘social’ network.

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