Homepage Ads kick in, and why Apple’s geniuses will close Facebook tabs faster!

Some users, like Ryan Spoon, have already seen the implementation of Facebook’s newest media offering, a homepage take-over advertisement for eBay. A large display area on one of the most popular ‘left on screen’ pages we’ve ever seen, that ties in with a pretty useless* social advert displayed in the bottom right hand corner. As […]

Why ‘Kony 2012’, ‘APOEL’ and the ‘new iPad’ are trending this week

At ektagon, we are almost always online, always watching, not you, but trends in general. This week we see 3 big topics being discussed more than any other and so we are breaking down why each one is going viral and what it’s all about. First off  we’ll start with the most obvious one, the […]

Wake up Samsung, Apple and HTC! RIM is down!

We noticed earlier today that Blackberry’s Internet Services had been down in Manchester, United Kingdom. A few moments ago, Blackberry announced (via their fan-page on Facebook) that there was a problem with their services in Europe, Africa and other regions. The question popped straight into our minds… as people became visually upset about the outage […]

3 ways to track a stolen or lost MacBook and other devices

A while ago I blogged about how to track your Blackberry should it ever get lost or stolen, now a friend asked me if I knew any way to track a MacBook Pro since she had her previous device stolen without having installed tracking software. So during my investigations earlier on today, I came across […]

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