New Anorexia Made her a Freak Facebook Scam Tricks Hundreds

Those sneaky little scammers are at it again, with hundreds of young ladies falling for the trick. They first bait them in with a shared comment along the lines of: Once clicked you are met with what appears to be a faded out ‘Youtube’ Page. In order to continue you must ‘prove you are a […]

Easy Privacy Settings rolled out on Facebook. Have you changed yours?

You may have noticed that Facebook has started rolling out easier privacy settings. Split into three main blocks, namely “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”, it appears Facebook has heard the three main concerns of it’s users and reacted in a neat and […]

Do you use the same password on LinkedIn as other sites? READ THIS!

With reports spreading about the distribution of over 6 MILLION decrypted passwords from LinkedIn’s user system, we must urge you that if you have made the error of using the same email  and password combination for other sites that you CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY! This goes for your email, facebook, twitter, or any other social […]

Why Google’s new privacy policy is good for YOU

We have taken a back seat and watched as the internet complains about how Google Inc will be ‘spying’ on us and be able to give access to all our information for selling ads. Now we need to speak up, and argue that this sharing of information is a great thing, for you, the consumer. […]

Facebook Chat: Choose who sees you online

We’ve often heard of people disabling the whole Facebook chat service because they don’t like to let everyone of their friends seeing that they’re online. This might be even more necessary during exam, work, or quiet time. You may not want the whole of your social circle being able to talk to you, but allow […]

How we ran, run and will run the Hottest OnThisIsland voting.

It has come to our attention, once again, that many people have questions about the results of our popular online Hottest OnThisIsland competition (HOTI). It is for that reason we have decided, in parallel with the silent opening of registrations for the 2011 competition, that we will disclose how the voting on HOTI worked. There is […]

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