Facebook Chat: Choose who sees you online

We’ve often heard of people disabling the whole Facebook chat service because they don’t like to let everyone of their friends seeing that they’re online.

This might be even more necessary during exam, work, or quiet time. You may not want the whole of your social circle being able to talk to you, but allow specific people to get in touch.

This is now possible.  And there are 4 options…

1) Blacklisting – Everyone can see that you’re online except specific individuals.
We’re sure many will use this to block stalkers, ex-lovers and those chatterboxes.

2) Whitelisting – Only a specific group of people can see that you’re online.
Great for those study periods where you may still need to chat to people who actually know what you’re supposed to be learning.

3) Black-out – Noone can see you.
Great for when you’re at work, are extremely busy or just don’t want to speak to anyone.

and 4) Individual Black-listing – When you want to go offline to a user after a conversation.
Simply click the little gears icon on the chat window and select ‘Go offline to’.

To edit your visibility options, go to the gear icon on the chat bar and click ‘advanced options’.

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