Did Google kill a donkey!?

We love the internet, and the curious little browsers who find amazing ‘stuff’. One great example of such ‘stuff’ is the following: If you click here and drive past the Donkey, and then look back, it appears as if the Google Maps car drive-by’d the poor lil’ fella. Google did however respond to the charge, saying […]

Gmail releases new minimalist compose ‘screen’

We love the way Gmail implements beautiful changes… Today we noticed the new compose mechanism that allows you to still browse emails whilst typing a new message. It’s slick, it’s simple and is pretty damn cool. What do you think?

Why targeted ads are good for you.

There are many campaigns around the internet trying to stop companies like Facebook and Google from using the information you share with them to target ads at you, but we disagree with them. Not only as marketeers, but mostly as consumers, we find that the more targeted an advert is, the more successful it is. […]

Procrastinators: Do NOT Google Zerg Rush!

Another playful Easter egg by Google was spotted earlier today. Search for Zerg Rush on Google (or click here you lazy people) and click on the attacking little O’s to take them out before they destroy your search results. *Update: You need to use Google.com if you are in the UK as it doesn’t work […]

What does the Google+ redesign bring to you?

Since Google’s announcement and release of the new interface for Google+ on 11th of April, we’ve been playing around with some of their adjustments. It is now time for us to give you an in-depth-y overview of what we believe this change means to you on a personal and business level. First off we notice […]

Why Google’s new privacy policy is good for YOU

We have taken a back seat and watched as the internet complains about how Google Inc will be ‘spying’ on us and be able to give access to all our information for selling ads. Now we need to speak up, and argue that this sharing of information is a great thing, for you, the consumer. […]

Wake up Samsung, Apple and HTC! RIM is down!

We noticed earlier today that Blackberry’s Internet Services had been down in Manchester, United Kingdom. A few moments ago, Blackberry announced (via their fan-page on Facebook) that there was a problem with their services in Europe, Africa and other regions. The question popped straight into our minds… as people became visually upset about the outage […]

How YouTube could become more ‘social’ with Google+

Since we use YouTube a lot during the work day, and in our leisure time, we have noticed a feature that could ideally bring in the social-factor that Google has been struggling to capture for years. Although YouTube already has a built in community with comments and friends, why not incorporate the Google+ circles above it? How this could […]

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