Chrome surpassed IE as second most used browser in Cyprus in 2011

Whilst compiling statistics for our network, we noticed that Internet Explorer was knocked further down the podium of browsers of choice by the thousands of users from around the island.

In 2010, 34.5% of visitors to used Internet Explorer whilst only 16.7% used Chrome. Firefox sat as the favourite browser, with 36.3% the site’s 64,000+ unique users.

Chrome‘s usage grew rapidly in 2011 to 27.2%, whilst Internet Explorer‘s loyalty dropped to 26.6%, thus making Google’s browser the second most popular for OnThisIsland readers. Firefox lost a bite of its market share but still sits comfortably at pole position with 31.2% of the site’s 77,000+ unique visitors.

Here are some other statistics for the magazine for those who are interested.

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  1. […] Page-views throughout the year also increased by 17.1% from 2010′s numbers. On a side-note: Chrome surpassed IE as second most used browser in Cyprus in 2011. […]

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