Facebook Updates Photo Browser, Again!

Facebook have upgraded their overlay pop-up photo browser.

From our observations this is good for:

Brands/Users – More emphasis is given to the source of the image. Whether it be a user or a fan page, the prominence of the information may lead to more followers if a photo is re-shared.

Advertisers – More prominent display of ads as users browse through photos. This is mostly when there are only a few comments on a photo as ads take up the whitespace left over.

Users – It’s working pretty fast, and transitions between photos is fluid.

With the Initial Public Offer of $5billion worth of Facebook shares coupled with the expected drop in ad size, we see Facebook gearing up to generate more turn-over to keep its future shareholders happy. So long, as they keep providing us with a powerful communication, sharing and discovery tool, we don’t mind.

All in all, we’re happy. Are you?

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