Syncing multiple Woocommerce stores to one Intercom account

When we launched the Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin, we knew it would create value for the folks who run some amazing online stores.

Some of our customers have told us that being able to sync across customer interactions, with meta-data, in real-time gave them what appeared to be magical mind-reading powers.

Since then we’ve rebuilt a lot of the plugin, adding features store owners have asked so for (like bulk syncing 1000s of customers and syncing guest checkouts), and even rolled out the most affordable plugin-specific customisation service on the planet.

Again and again, our customers have asked us for a way to sync customer and transaction data from across different Woocommerce stores into a single Intercom account. We have made it possible for a number of stores to do this via the customisation service, but we knew we had to make something more robust and accessible for the rest of our customers.

And so, we put together our learnings from these customisations and created the brand-new eWI Multi-shop Addon.

In the coming weeks we’ll be pushing this highly requested addon out of internal testing and into public beta, and to reward those who’d be willing to help test it, we’re giving you €10 discount and allowing custmers to use their single-site licence for eWI across the multiple stores.

If you’re already an eWI customer, and would like more info, please login to your account and hit that intercom icon and let’s chat.

If you’re not, now’s a perfect time to dive in and give your team super powers in Intercom.

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