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Installing Plugin

If you have the Intercom plugin (for WordPress) installed, please deactivate it as both plugins will try to insert the front-end widget code.

  1. Go to Plugins Add New Upload in your WP-Admin backend.
  2. Upload the downloaded file, and activate the plugin.
  3. Click the ‘Setup’ link underneath the now activated ‘WooCommerce Intercom Integration’ plugin.
  4. Enter your App ID from Intercom.
  5. Enter your Personal Access Token. Please see instructions getting your PAT here.
  6. For virtual products: you should use ‘Enable Payment Actions‘ settings, as they trigger when an order is marked as Completed.
    For non-virtual products or orders that aren’t automatically completed: use ‘Enable Thank You page Actions‘ settings, which trigger on the WooCommerce standard thank you/confirmation page.
  7. We recommend enabling the plugin’s Debug Logging for the first day or so, so that you can make sure things are working nicely. See debug instructions for troubleshooting and finding the debug log.
  8. Click save.