6 reasons to use WordPress for your startup MVP

So you’ve got an idea for a new online company, but you haven’t got the foggiest about how to put something together that you can show to folks and gauge their interest. What you’re after is known commonly as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the startup world. You want to be able to give […]

Help test our WooCommerce + Intercom plugin

We’re used to building, marrying or hacking WordPress plugins for clients or projects with specific setups and requirements. We’re working on our first premium plugin which is being built for a whole community of online stores. Bringing WooCommerce info into Intercom This plugin is designed to automate the flow of information from WooCommerce orders across […]

PSA: Removing “<=> CRAZY!” worm from Facebook

Over the last two days we’ve seen a rapidly spreading worm take over a number of Facebook accounts. What is it? The worm gets activated by clicking on a link to a video that ‘appears to be on facebook’ (please see how to spot a virus/scam page). By trying to watch a video it installs […]

Now you can quickly print your CV with seevi.co too

A bunch of seevi.co users asked us if they could use the platform to quickly put print CVs quickly. Since this project launched as a hack, we quickly built in a rapid function to print out a neat little CV from the data you’ve saved. Give it a go at www.seevi.co and enjoy this free […]

Introducing seevi.co for quick and easy online CVs in minutes

It’s with great pride that we announce the launch of seevi.co, which helps job-seekers build (and easily maintain) an online CV in just minutes. With so many people applying to jobs through networking and social media, we wanted to make something clean and simple that got your CV seen and shared easily. Built during a […]

Why these Facebook voucher scams are so dangerous.

Ok, so once again, another of these Facebook scams are doing their rounds. This time they use ASOS and tout a voucher of varying values. We’re seeing a spike in UK, Cyprus and Greek based victims. Being as it’s a new year we figured we’d take a few minutes to warn you about why sometimes […]

We’re not abandoning Cyprus… we’re working to enable it.

We’ve been promoting events, news and opinions in Cyprus since OnThisIsland.com first went live on the 5th of April 2005. We, like many other Cyprus-based businesses, had very different plans for what we wanted to be doing in April of 2013, ours even included an 8th-birthday celebration for that little corner of the web. But, alas, the […]

Breaking: Facebook changes rules, 3rd party apps no-longer needed for competitions

In a move set to upset many social platform developers, like us, Facebook has changed the rules. You may now, officially, run competitions ON Facebook, without the need for any externally hosted applications. But this is why you probably don’t want to: 1) Time is valuable Using Likes as votes and entries will take time […]

Desk&Co Logo

New competition platform for Entrepreneurs in Cyprus via Desk&Co

We’re proud to have built a quick platform for the Desk&Co launch in Cyprus. The competition platform will award one local entrepreneur a ticket to the HackCyprus Insights conference at Hilton Park in Nicosia on Sunday the 8th of September. With 13 world class startup and technology guests and speakers and 4 hands-on workshops with industry experts, it […]

Bye bye Copy & Paste Meme App for Facebook Chat!

The time has come for us to close up shop (and wipe the databases) at our Copy-and-Paste Meme App. It’s been a lot of fun, and we saw 10’s of thousands of chatters use the app during its time online, but with the official sticker store being as beautiful as it is and our shift […]

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