• Refactoring our Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin

    We haven’t pushed out any major updates to the ektagon Woocommerce to Intercom (eWI) plugin for a few weeks and we wanted to quick explain why. The plugin has rapidly evolved from just syncing checkout information; to creating a live-sync of all customer data/events; to enabling the bulk-syncing of customer data into Intercom’s CRM-like system. […]

  • Syncing Guest checkouts from Woocommerce to Intercom

    We released the Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin because we believe that woocommerce store owners want to give their customers an awesome experience with superb support and powerful automatated messages via Intercom. Over the last 12 months the eWI plugin has been used to sync registered customer’s data and events from woocommerce sites around the […]

  • Bulk Syncing customers from Woocommerce to Intercom

    Today’s release of v0.4.0 of the ektagon Woocommerce to Intercom (eWI) plugin includes a security/privacy patch and 4 bug fixes and the long awaited and highly requested Bulk Sync functionality. Before adding the functionality to the setting’s page, we’ve snuck the action link onto the WordPress Plugin page (where you’d install the plugin from) so […]

  • eWI: Shifting from API Key to Personal Access Tokens

    This week Intercom will stop allowing their customers to create API Keys for integrating with other systems. We’ve updated the Ektagon Woocommerce to Intercom plugin to allow for a seamless switch between API Keys and Personal Access Tokens (PATs). Why Access Tokens? Whilst the recommended route of integrating with Intercom is to create an OAuth […]

  • Syncing Lifetime Spend and Number of Orders from Woocommerce to Intercom

    With the release of Woocommerce 2.6.0 yesterday, we’re super happy to be releasing the next version of our Woocommerce to Intercom plugin too 🙂 In today’s release, we’ve added in the highly requested functionality to automatically sync across a customer’s Lifetime Spend (or LTV for you KPI aficionados) and total number of completed orders.